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Yonaguni Monument, underwater rock structure that was discovered in the mid-1980s near Yonaguni Island, Japan. While some believe the ziggurat-like formation is from an ancient city, others argue that it was naturally created The Yonaguni monument was obviously not submerged when it was made. If we assume that the site originates from around 10 000 years, this would mean that it was entirely above sea level. At that time, the level of the world's oceans was 40 meters lower than it is now. 5 Yonaguni Monument | Throughout history civilizations have been born and lost countless times. In modern times through our accumulation of knowledge, we have tried to piece together a timeline of the rise and fall of civilizations Yonaguni monument depth is surprisingly quite shallow. Yonaguni Monument top terrace is only 5 m below the surface. The bottom of the main pyramid is only at 25 m. Hence, it is no big surprise why it is also a popular spot for free divers. During my only dive at Yonaguni Monument, I didn't go deeper than 16,1 m Even though the Yonaguni Monument wasn't discovered until 1987, some researchers believe it may be a sunken city that's over 2,000 years old

The Yonaguni monument was discovered in 1985 by Dive Tour operator Kihachiro Aratake. The majority of archaeologists and researchers that have studied the Yonaguni monument conclude that it is a man made complex, some researchers even believe that the Yonaguni monument are actually the remains of the lost Pacific civilization of Mu Dive on the Monument, Yonaguni Island, Japan. Taken with GoPro 3 with INON UFL G140 SD Underwater Semi-Fisheye Wide conversion lens Yonaguni Monument, underwater rock formations. In 1986, local divers discovered a striking underwater rock formation off the southernmost point of the island. The formation, known popularly as the Yonaguni Monument, has staircase-like terraces with flat sides and sharp corners. Masaaki Kimura, a professor. The Yonaguni monument is a group of very big underwater rocks. It is off the southern coast of Japan. It was discovered by local divers in the 1980s. The monument has staircase-like terraces with flat sides and sharp corners. Most of academic society believe the rock formation is created by nature The Yonaguni Monument has been completely enveloped in a malevolent reputation throughout history. The Devil's Sea location off the coast of Japan. Since we're talking about a possible pre-history advanced civilization, of course, there's going to be ancient alien theories concerning the monument

Media in category Yonaguni Monument The following 45 files are in this category, out of 45 total The Yonaguni Monument, also called Yonaguni Island Submarine Ruins, is an underwater rock formation south of the Japanese Ryukyu Islands, about 100 km east of Taiwan. Some scientists claim that the rock structures are stepped monoliths made by humans, and have existed for more than 10,000 years. I The Yonaguni Monument is an enormous underwater rock formation that covers an area of 60 by 50 meters. It was first discovered in the mid-1980s by a scuba diver looking to observe hammerhead sharks. Pseudoarchaelogists believe it to be a monolith carved by man thousands of years ago. A view of the rock formation. Image: BBC. Discover Yonaguni is notorious for its local language, brewed in isolation for centuries, which even those from mainland Okinawa find utterly incomprehensible. Pronunciation can be a bit easier than that of neighboring Miyako islands, though, as the central vowels and word-final consonants are absent here The Yonaguni Monument, also known as Yonaguni (Island) Submarine Ruins Yonaguni(-jima) Kaitei Iseki), is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. It lies approximately a hundred kilometres east of Taiwan

The Yonaguni Monument is a rock formation off the southeast coast of the Japanese island of Yonaguni (approximately 110 km east of Taiwan), part of the Ryukyu Islands chain.The rock formation was discovered in 1987 by scuba divers of the island's local tourist board, who then informed Professor Masaaki Kimura of the University of the Ryukyus' marine geology department of their discovery Submerged stone structures lying just below the waters off Yonaguni Jima are actually the ruins of a Japanese Atlantis—an ancient city sunk by an earthquake about 2,000 years ago https://www.simplyscuba.com/ Simply Scuba looks at one of Japans biggest ocean mysteries... Social Links Facebook: https:/..

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Discover Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei (Yonaguni Monument) in Yonaguni, Japan: The Yonaguni Monument, a natural formation or the Japanese Atlantis The Yonaguni Monument. In 1985, a Japanese diver named Kihachiro Aratake was exploring the seafloor off the Southern shore of Yonaguni-Jima island, the Western-most island in the Ryukyu archipelago of Japan. Aratake came across what appeared to be the sunken ruins of an ancient,. The controversy that has erupted in archeological circles around the world since the discovery of an enigmatic structure, described by some as 'pyramid-like', at Iseki Point just off the southernmost Japanese island of Yonaguni-Jima, some 15 years ago, looks set to get even hotter as news emerges that the so-called 'Yonaguni Monument' is just one of a number of underwater megalithic structures. Yonaguni Monument The Yonaguni Monument, also known as Yonaguni Submarine Ruins, is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan

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Yonaguni Island, mysterious jewel of the southwest Japan, a trully glorious place for diving! With over 70 dive sites to choose from, Yonaguni is guarantee The Yonaguni monument or the Yonaguni Island is an underwater mystery off the coast of the Ryukyu Island in Japan. The huge underwater formation of the rock is supposed to have been existed for more than 10,000 years but this entirely natural or manmade project is still up in debate The Yonaguni Monument divides the masses of people who now visit there, much as it splits the massive ocean flowing by. There are believers and there are skeptics, and not a lot of in-betweens. I didn't pole our particular tour group to the island; I didn't want to try and take anyone's faith away in an idea so grand The Yonaguni Monument. In 1985, a Japanese diver named Kihachiro Aratake was exploring the seafloor off the Southern shore of Yonaguni-Jima island, the Western-most island in the Ryukyu archipelago of Japan. Aratake came across what appeared to be the sunken ruins of an ancient,.

Indeed, I believe that even though the Yonaguni Monument may be primarily natural (say, over 95% natural), parts may have been touched up by ancient humans and the ancient inhabitants of the island may have both admired and utilized the Yonaguni Monument. Analogously, we can consider the famous prehistoric cave paintings of Europe Monumenty Yonaguni (jap. 与那国島海底地形 Yonaguni-jima kaitei chikei, Podwodna topografia wyspy Yonaguni) lub Podwodne ruiny wyspy Yonaguni (jap. 与那国島海底遺跡 Yonaguni-jima kaitei iseki) - podwodne struktury kamienne odkryte w 1985 roku przez nurka, przewodnika wycieczek podwodnych, Kihachirō Aratake. Poszukiwał on nowych miejsc dogodnych do obserwacji rekinów

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  1. Yonaguni Monument Photos Menu and captions are mostly in Japanese, but all the photos are by Prof. Kimura's research group at University of the Ryukyus. For example, check Kusabi-Iwa (Wedge rock) Here is Professor Masaaki Kimura's latest position on the ruin I could find (No softening of his position as I read somewhere.)
  2. Yonaguni Monument - steps izleyin - DNA Flood Dailymotion'da . [PDF] Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands: The First Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Ryukyu Islan
  3. Yonaguni Island, mysterious jewel to the southwest, is a glorious place for diving! With over 70 dive sites to choose from, Yonaguni is guaranteed to scrat
  4. Yonaguni underwater pyramid structure discovered in East China Sea off the coast of Japan. Submarine ruins off the coast of Yonaguni-Jima have been estimated to be 10,000 years old at least. Evidence of ancient civilisations destroyed by floods, and the sea-level rises after the last Ice Age, with many inundations of ancient cities, and ancient underwater pyramids like the structures found.
  5. Yonaguni Monument. Some say the ruins were naturally formed, while others say they were man-made. Get up close and decide for yourself. Keywords. Nature; Island; Near Yonaguni Island (Yonagunijima) Nature. Yonaguni Island (Yonagunijima) Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa-ken. Action & Adventure

Yonaguni Monument . Exploring the underwater ruins. Yonaguni's unique attraction is the mysterious 1 underwater ruins (海底遺跡 kaitei iseki). Dryly but diplomatically referred to by the government as the Underwater Landscape Resources - which lie off the southern coast of the island . A single platform 100 by 50. The mythical Yonaguni Monument is the main draw card for divers at Yonaguni Island. Discovered in the mid-eighties by local diver Kihachirou Aratake, who runs the dive shop here, this enormous underwater structure looks like an ancient monument. It's in very shallow waters, sitting at around 10m, and the conditions vary enormously from day to.

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  1. The Yonaguni Monument is (to its supporters) something like a temple, built along the lines of a step pyramid, with a complex of some sort on its flat top. Twenty-five meters tall and fifty long, the top of the Monument is only five meters under the water
  2. Yonaguni Monument. Abramelinn. 307. Abramelinn. 307. Post Aug 05, 2008 #1 2008-08-05T18:44. Roughly 300 miles from Okinawa, is the island of Yonaguni-Jima. Stretching southwest from Japan towards the mainland of China, only 30 miles from Taiwan, Yonaguni is the last of an island chain known as the Ryuku Islands
  3. Maps of Yonaguni Monument. This detailed map of Yonaguni Monument is provided by Google. Use the buttons under the map to switch to different map types provided by Maphill itself. See Yonaguni Monument from a different perspective

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come to sou-wes diving service for diving in yonagunijima. we specialize in hammerhead shark-watching and diving at the Yonaguni underwater monument. we also offer trial dives, snorkeling and sightseeing boat trips to the underwater monument. hotel irifune is located in the main town of sonai and offers affordable rates and clean, comfortable rooms. the annex villa offers luxury accommodation. The Yonaguni Monument (Japanese: 与那国島海底地形, Hepburn: Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei?, lit.Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography), also known as Yonaguni (Island) Submarine Ruins (与那国(島)海底遺跡, Yonaguni(-jima) Kaitei Iseki), is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan Diving the Yonaguni Monument. I'm listening to Aratake's story 30 years on, and as he reaches this part of his tale, his eyes widen in excitement. The magic lives on, and so does the mystery. Is it an ancient monument, the remains of a legendary city like Atlantis, swallowed by the ocean thousands of years ago

The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan, 110 km east of Taiw.. Yonaguni Monument Japan's most mysterious dive The Japanese mythology Nirai-Kanani is a faraway land where traditional gods of the land live and happiness abounds. . In 1987, Kihachiro Aratake was scouting more hammerhead breading grounds for his scuba diving company tours The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. There is a debate about whether the site is completely natural, is a natural site that has been modified, or is a manmade artifact. It is composed of terraces and.

Kihachiro Aratake was diving off the coast of Yonaguni Island in Japan, looking for hammerhead sharks in the 1980s, when he made an incredible discovery. In this video, Unveiled explores the true meaning behind the Yonaguni Monument Feb 20, 2019 - A structure thought to be the world's oldest building, nearly twice the age of the great pyramids of Egypt, has been discovered. The rectang.. Yonaguni Monument. Is Atlantis in the Japanese Archipelago? May 29, 2019. We all know the legend of Atlantis: the fictional city that ends up submerging in the Atlantic Ocean. The story has captivated people for centuries, particularly since many would like to know what served as the inspiration behind Plato's mythical city

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Yonaguni The Yonaguni Monument (Japanese: 与那国島海底地形 Hepburn: Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei?, lit. Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography), also known as Yonaguni (Island) Submarine Ruins (与那国(島)海底遺跡 Yonaguni(-jima) Kaitei Iseki), is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan Yonaguni Monument. 544 likes. The Yonaguni Monument, also known as, is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the.. Resonance at Yonaguni Monument, Japan. The Paleo-Sanskrit Texts of Yonaguni Monument. by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org January 13, 2015. In all parts of the world, ongoing underwater archaeology surveys being conducted on the continental shelves off the mainland coasts have yielded the spectacular remains of monumental constructions and ancient cities that challenge the imagination

The Yonaguni Monument is in shallow waters, but there can be powerful currents, so you have to have some diving experience to explore the site safely. Dive operators offer half-day and full-day tours, including equipment rental, a boat to the site, and an experienced guide Jul 30, 2012 - As the Yonaguni Monument (also underwater pyramids at Yonaguni ) famous rock formations located in the extreme southwest of Japan, near the island of Yonaguni in the East China Sea , not far from more than 100 km from Taiwan Yonaguni Island, located at the westernmost point of Japan, is an island where a unique culture and nature have taken root, a culture that is unlike other islands among the Yaeyama Islands. The island offers a program to experience Yonaguniori, a weaving technique using threads that have been dyed with plants, trees, and soil from the island, horseback riding on Yonaguni horses, which are. Yonaguni Monument and Masaaki Kimura · See more » Mu (lost continent) Mu is the name of a suggested lost continent whose concept and name were proposed by 19th-century traveler and writer Augustus Le Plongeon, who claimed that several ancient civilizations, such as those of Egypt and Mesoamerica, were created by refugees from Mu—which he located in the Atlantic Ocean Die als Yonaguni-Monument, jap. 与那国島海底地形, bekannten Gesteinsformationen liegen im äußersten Südwesten Japans, nahe der Insel Yonaguni im Ostchinesischen Meer, wenig mehr als 100 km von Taiwan entfernt. Ihr Ursprung ist unter Archäologen und Geologen umstritten.[1

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<p>Yonaguni Monument top terrace is only 5 m below the surface. The structure was mapped out with more details. </p> <p>He also claims that the carvings on the monuments resemble that off Kaida script. Apart from its strange appearance, there were found some artifacts that prove the existence of people in those places. Origin. He has identified 10 sculptures of Yonaguni and more 5 related. Kihachiro Aratake was diving off the coast of Yonaguni Island in Japan, looking for hammerhead sharks in the 1980s, when he made an incredible discovery. He found a vast underwater structure made of large, flat terraces and strange rock formations, only sixteen feet beneath the ocean's surface at. A discovery of The Yonaguni Monument in 1987 off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan drew international attention. Underwater in the Pacific Ocean lies a series of seemingly man-made rock structures The underwater monument at Yonaguni, Japan is one of the clearest pieces of evidence of an advanced civilization at a time when mainstream archaeology says there was no advanced societies on Earth

Yet to this day, it remains a great unsolved mystery. Initially it was proposed that the Yonaguni Monument was built when the area was above sea level some 10,000 years ago On the southern coast of Yonaguni, Japan, lie submerged ruins estimated to be around 10,000 years old. The origin of the site is hotly debated - many experts argue that is man-made, while more conservative scientists insist it was carved by natural phenomena Map search results for Yonaguni Monument. Choose from several map types. From simple map graphics to detailed satellite maps. Search for a map by country, region, area code or postal address Yonaguni Monument I have to report that I do not believe it is an artificial, human-made structure. - Robert Milton Schoch (screen-grab from his official web site, August 1, 2015) Please note that Robert Schoch has ignored other geometrically shaped features near and next to the Yonaguni Monument. * * Yonaguni Monument 10 000 Years old. DNA Flood. 8:40. Les incroyables pyramides de Yonaguni au Japon. Citoyens Eclairés. 4:23. The mystery of Yonaguni underwater structure02. Hornbillstitched. 0:25. Yonaguni Monument Turtle Rock. DNA Flood. 5:53. The Coolest Stuff on the Planet - The Yonaguni Monument. Gnatwomen. 0:42

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  1. WannaDive.net - L'atlante mondiale delle immersioni. Atlante illustrato gratuito delle immersioni nel mondo incluse mappe, descrizioni dettagliate e foto. Un ambiente interattivo (tipo un motore wiki) che permette di modificare i dati e le immersioni. E' disponibile anche la comunità Wannadivers (un social network per subacquei) per conoscere subacquei in tutto il mondo
  2. Some authors have proposed that if the Yonaguni monument was, in fact, a human-made complex, it was then carved during the last ice age, or between 12,000 to about 10,000 years ago when Yonaguni was part of a land bridge that connected the site to Taiwan
  3. Yonaguni is the westernmost inhabited island of Japan and part of the Yaeyama Islands, just 67 miles off the coast of Taiwan. The sea waters around it are densely inhabited by hammerhead sharks an

Graham Hancock is a bestselling author and journalist who specializes in ancient civilizations. Photo's by Shun Daichi -1997, Ten NEW Photos of Underwater Stone Monuments at Ancient American UNDERWATER RUINS AND OTHER REMARKABLE FINDS. Yonaguni Monument | The Yonaguni Pyramid is located just off shore on the South side of Yonaguni Island Read all the details about the Yonaguni Monument on the special blog post I wrote about it. I don't know if visiting the Yonaguni Monument acted as a special prayer, but every dive after was a hammerhead festival: 12 sharks, 20 sharks, 12 sharks again, and 40 sharks on the last dive! There are so beautiful and gracious, but they swim fast and. Draining The Yonaguni Monument One Strange Rock Teaser Tiger Cub Training Strike of the African Wild Cat Lustful Cheetahs Carnivore Kittens Top Shows. Mars ISS: 24/7 On A Space Station Mission To The Su Yonaguni Monument Twin Megaliths with Divers.jpg 4608 × 3456; 3,63 МБ Yonaguni Monument Twin Megaliths.jpg 3216 × 4288; 5,25 МБ Yonaguni Monument Water Trench.jpg 3456 × 4608; 3,92 М

Aug 15, 2016 - Explore Kathyrn Dawson's board Yonaguni, followed by 656 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Underwater, Underwater city, Monument Yonaguni monument 1. This monument lies submerged off the southern coast of Yonaguni, one of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. The monument consists of a collection of sandstone and mudstone structures, which seems to be a road, star-shaped platforms and a pyramid stuck to the seabed Il évoque notamment des trous dans la structure qui auraient servi à accueillir des pieux, des caractères rudimentaires gravés sur certaines pierres et les restes de sculp Yonaguni Monument Off the coast of the Yonaguni island, the most southern of the Ryuku Islands in Japan is located one of the world's most mysterious underwater structures - the Yonaguni Monument. It was discovered by a local diver in the 1980s who was stunned by massive rectangular formations with perfect 90 degree angles, straight walls, steps, columns and what appears to be a human face.

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The Yonaguni Monument It could be a random pile of rocks, or it could be the Asian Atlantis. Located just off the shores of Yonaguni, one of Japan's most southerly islands, the Yonaguni Monument is a vast collection of stone structures believed by some to be the sunken remnants of an ancient civilization Ep 166: The Yonaguni Monument An underwater mystery that may just be swimming with sharks Check your SCUBA gear and get the pun chum bucketed, Blurry Photos are going diving to the Yonaguni Monument! An underwater mystery discovered in the last 30 years, the Yonaguni Monument is a possible ancient Japanese structure which sank beneath the waves thousands of years ago Yonaguni Monument: Yonaguni is a small island near Japan. Scholars believe that the first tribes and groups of people to migrate here came from China, during pre-historic times

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Posts about Yonaguni Monument written by earthourplanetblog. There are many places on earth which has many mysteries. And many of the mysteries related with these mysterious places are still unsolved and scientist don't have any idea how to solve these mysteries The Yonaguni Monument (Japanese: 与那国島海底地形 Hepburn: Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei, lit. Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography), is an underwater rock structure that was discovered in the mid-1980s near Yonaguni Island, Japan Yonaguni Monument: Dive Features Rising up from the seabed 80 feet beneath the surface, the enormous structure stretches upward for about sixty feet, stopping at a depth of just a little more than 20 feet 23-apr-2012 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Jetze van Vliet. Ontdek (en bewaar!) je eigen pins op Pinterest

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Yonaguni Monument Underwater Ruins off Yonaguni Island in Japan.. Image Courtesy Masahiro Kaji - The Japan's Dive-spot Gallery The underwater formation or ruin called The Turtle at Yonaguni, Ryukyu Islands. Investigating the Yonaguni. Okinawa Prefecture, Japan Picture: yonaguni monument - Check out Tripadvisor members' 326 candid photos and videos

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  1. Quick Overview of the Site. Beginning just over 1 meter above the surface, the formation of rock that divers have been fascinated with since at least the 1980s, presents itself with large, blocky fractures that have many angles that appear rectangular—though many are clearly rhombohedral
  2. Having Hawassed the Bosnian pyramid complex, almost bringing excavations to a halt in 2006, our science-stomping Dr. Schoch has had no problem continuing to obscure the truth about the Yonaguni Monument, endeavoring to convince a trusting public that the smoothness and regularity of vertical surfaces on the Yonaguni Monument - smoothness and regularity not found in nature - was a product.
  3. Drain the Oceans dives deep into the unknown; a truly epic, truly original series that takes underwater adventure and earth science illustration into a whole new era.  Ambitious exploration, advances in scientific research, and innovative technology mean Earth Science and History step forward to expose hidden evidence of the most amazing undersea mysteries, as never seen before
  4. ute flight from Ishigaki. This 15sq mile island isn't the most attractive in the Yaeyama chain but does have a feeling of remoteness being so far from mainland Japan
  5. Yonaguni Monument 13/2/19. Japan's lost monument have been revealed. They found it at the East coast of Japan and scientists are experimenting on facts about the monument. People don't know how long it was there but some assume it has been there 10,000 years. Scientists think that the monument was.
Yonaguni Monument Trip Day 1 - video 2 - YouTube2014: Yonaguni Pyramid: Nature, Aliens or LostThe Yonaguni Monument ( Willful Ignorance ) - YouTubeLearn to Dive Gold Coast | Yonaguni Japan 2018Past Remembering: Submerged urbanization: The World&#39;s
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