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  1. The Bronze age | 1800 - 500 BC. The main building blocks of bronze - copper and tin - are naturally rare in the Norwegian landscape. Therefore, the number of bronze objects found by Norwegian archaeologists is relatively small. During the Bronze age, the difference between the farmers and the hunter-gatherers became more defined
  2. Direct evidence of warfare in the Scandinavian Bronze Age has been found in the course of numerous archeological investigations and in the careful study of the large number of petroglyphs from the era that dot the coasts of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
  3. by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner Tepotztlan, Morelos - Etowah Mounds, Georgia & Østfeld, Norge One Summer In Mexico - Part 42 There is enormous evidence that Bronze Age Scandinavians not only visited the coast of North America, but stayed long enough to carve petroglyphs in the Gold Belt of Georgia's mountains. Th
  4. Some Bronze Age mounds are flat on top and have most likely always been. Locals call them dancing mounds. One can imagine that the Bronze Age people had held ceremonies in honor of the ancestors on top of such mounds. In the late Bronze Age after 1,000 BC, a new and much simpler burial custom was introduced
  5. Copper production in Bronze Age Norway Navn: Prescott, Christopher Publisert: xx#, 2006 Omfang: S. 183-190 ill. Overordnet post: Historien i forhistorien Språk: Ubestemt Emne: Årdal Materialtype: artikler Kilde for metadata: NO-TrBIB (990606415174702202).

PDF | On Jan 1, 2006, CHRISTOPHER PRESCOTT published Copper production in Bronze Age Norway? | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGat The Age of Social Democracy: Norway and Sweden in the Twentieth Century (Princeton University Press; 2014) 543 pages; the history of the Scandinavian social model as it developed after the separation of Norway and Sweden in 1905. Stenersen, Ivar, and Oivind Libaek. History of Norway from the Ice Age to the Oil Age (3rd ed. Dinamo Forlag 2007 5505 Haugesund, Norway. Besøksadresse Ørpetveitvegen 310 5542 Karmsund. Kontaktinfo Tel: +47 52 84 50 40 E-post: post@bronze.no. This article deals with the question of whether or not there was non-ferrous metal extraction on the Scandinavian Peninsula during the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age. This initial enquiry refers empirically to a case study from Årdal in wester

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The Bronze Age in the Near East ended violently, with the Late Bronze Age collapse that saw many of the developed kingdoms and civilizations crumble and disappear. It was followed with the Iron Age soon after, and that too brought profound new changes on the world civilizations and plunged the world into an entirely different direction - one that would ultimately scar the face of the earth The Nordic Bronze Age civilisation 1800-500 B.C. - second in Europe only to Mycenae (Greece)? In 2005, the Nordic state television companies have co-produced and broadcasted a documentary (three episodes, each one hour), called Stenristerna - or 'Helleristerne' - the stone carvers Norway - Norway - Earliest peoples: Between 3000 and 2500 bce new immigrants settled in eastern Norway. They were farmers who grew grain and kept cows and sheep. The hunting-fishing population of the west coast was also gradually replaced by farmers, though hunting and fishing remained useful secondary means of livelihood. From about 1500 bce bronze was gradually introduced, but the use of. The Bronze Age is the period after the Stone Age — and the period before the Iron Age. During all three periods, people made tools and weapons of stone, bronze and iron. Bronze is an alloy (blend) of about 90 per cent copper and about 10 per cent tin. In Norway, the Bronze Age began around 3700 years ago. The Iron Age began roughly 2500 years. But Bronze Age Norwegians may actually have mined their own copper ore, suggests archaeologist Anne Lene Melheim in her doctoral thesis. It might not have been a large scale operation, but this could radically change our perception of Norway in the Bronze Age, she points out

Norway. Before describing this case, some gen-eral research historical premises are examined - to Nordic Bronze Age chronology, especially for period-internal divisions The latest ice age 115,000-10,000 BC; The Stone age 10,000-1800 BC; The Bronze age 1800-500 BC; The Iron age 500 BC-AD 1050; The High middle ages AD 1050-1350; The Late middle ages AD 1350-1537; The Early modern period AD 1537-1814; Norway reborn as a sovereign state AD 1814; Norway in union with Sweden AD 1814-1905; Full independence at last. Get this from a library! Recycling ideas : Bronze Age metal production in southern Norway. [Anne Lene Melheim] -- The aim of the study is to examine technological, cognitive and symbolic aspects of metallurgy in southern Norway from the Bronze Age (i.e. 1700-500 cal. BC to the beginning of the Late Neolothic,.

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Bronze Age of Southern Norway: Some Points and Premises CHRISTOPHER PRESCOTT Prescott, C. 2005: Settlement and Economy in the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age of Southern Norway: Some Points and Premises. AmS-Varia 43, 127-136, Stavanger. ISSN 0332-6306, ISBN 82-7760-120-4, UD Bronze age art hunters: Three friends crack the code for finding petroglyphs, ancient rock carvings They've practically doubled the number of rock carvings found in Østfold county, the landscape with the most petroglyphs in Norway The Bronze Age was, obviously, defined by the emergence of bronze. However, this change impacted societies in more ways than you might think. In this lesson, we'll see how trade changed in this. M WRIGGLESWORTH. Bronze age rock art and burials in West Norway • 253 metres from the present shoreline. This means that in the Bronze Age, the panels would have been located at the water's edge, and may even have been submerged at high tide. Today, some carvings at Leirvåg 3 are sprayed by water at extreme high tide

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In northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Bronze Age inhabitants manufactured many distinctive and beautiful artifacts, such as the pairs of lurer horns discovered in Denmark. Some linguists believe that a proto-Indo-European language was probably introduced to the area around 2000 BC, which eventually became the ancestor of the Germanic languages Bronze Age artwork in scandinavia (1800 - 500 BC), As there were still no written records in Scandinavia by the Nordic Bronze Age (1800 - 500 BC), we can only guess at the religion, law, language and culture of the mysterious new settlers

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